The current city council has been unable to lower property taxes despite seeing the largest tax revenue ballot initiative in the history of the city (SPLOST) passed a few months ago.

*** I believe you know how to spend your money better than politicans do. ***

We need a change in leadership desperately!!!

It's time for Peachtree City to have elected officials who are looking out for the citizens' best interests.
Not the interests of developers and real estate agents who will grab the money then leave us with a mess.

* Witness GA54 west and the horrible traffic issues.

* Witness MacDuff Parkway and the rezoning of our last best industrial area to more senior housing.

* Witness another traffic light between Walmart and MacDuff.

 The list goes on and on.  Such as ...

* Giving an unsustainable pay raise requiring higher taxes and use of emergency cash reserves.

* Support of Great Wolf water amusment park that would have destroyed one of our communities.

* Unable to lower Storm Water bills.

* Unable to reign in the Sewer Authority which has us paying among the highest rates in all Georgia.

* Voting to have tax payers pay over $700,000 for the MacDuff/GA54 intersection improvement when the           developer had already agreed to pay for it.

* Breaking the promise of no more new homes to be occupied along MacDuff Parkway until the Parkway          was completed to enable access directly to GA74 northbound.

And the list goes on and on and on.  For more, see the link above summarizing Issues. 

Eric Imker will be an elected official that listens, understands, and has the best interests of the citizens of Peachtree City as his number one priority.

Join Eric Imker for Peachtree City Mayor in making our city and community a better, more inclusive, and enviable place to live.


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You will NOT see a donate link here.  I do NOT accept campaign contributions. 
Unlike the incumbent who received 60% of donations from real estate entities 4 years ago.


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